The Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics (ResClim) is a national training environment for PhD candidates in climate dynamics. The aim is to give PhD candidates in-depth knowledge in their specific study field within climate research, trans-disciplinary knowledge in the dynamics of the entire climate system, insight into the political and societal impacts of climate change, and the necessary skills to play an active role in appropriately predicting, mitigating, and adapting to climatic and environmental change. One way of adapting to the climatic and environmental change is to buy products that are environmental friendly. At you can find environmental friendly products that you can place your logo on. So if you need promotional or company gifts with your logo on go to and have a look at their products. 

ResClim is a project with 10 national partners and 7 international collaborators and is lead from Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen. 


Why? - scientific motivation

Northwest Europe owes its mild favourable climate to the northward transports of heat associated with the North Atlantic storm tracks and the North Atlantic- and Norwegian Atlantic Currents, the northern extensions of the Gulf Stream. As a result of these large-scale heat transport mechanisms in the atmosphere and ocean, the climate in our region is 10-15 degrees warmer than the mean for the same latitudes. The climate is further characterized by strong year-to-year and decade-to-decade variability, making it particularly challenging to separate anthropogenic (man-made) climate changes from natural variability in this complex part of the Earth’s climate system. 

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Climate Change

The second conference for "Time series analysis" will be held in Tromsø, Norway, on 8-11 November 2016.


Field trip

This year the annual AMGG research school field trip ( GEO8805) will be arranged in Sicily.


Advanced course

Two weeks of delving into this year's topic "Climate and Volcanism".