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Upcoming ResClim activities

The following upcoming activities are already planned:

  • 22 - 24 March 2010: All staff meeting for all students, supervisors and staff that are a part of ResClim. The meeting will be held at Geilo

  • April 2010: Workshop on atmosphere-ocean interaction will be organized by the Geophysical Institute, UiB and will be held somewhere in the Bergen region

  • June 2010: Basic and Advanced course in geophysical statistics will be given by David Stephenson (University of Exeter). The course will be held at Geophysical Institute, UiB. This is planned to be an annual course

  • 8 - 19 June 2010: Summerschool held in Lyngen, Norway in cooperation with ACDC. Topic will be "Ocean/ice sheets interactions"

  • 21 - 30 June 2010: Summerschool in Obergurgl, Austria with topic "Teleconnections, monsoon climate and tropical/extratropical glaciers"

  • Aug 2010: Course in transferrable skills by Jon Turner (University of Edinburgh). This is planned to be an annual course

  • Summer 2011: Summer school at UNIS, Longyearbyen. Still under planning, but topic will be related to sea ice/arctic climate


More details about each activity, along with information about how to participate will be announced here at as soon as they are ready.

Also keep in mind that ResClim offers financial support to students that are a part of Resclim for travel and stay to participate in courses at other partner institutions.



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