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Short Course in large-scale atmospheric dynamics

The course, which was held at Gephysical Institute, University of Bergen, gathered 17 PhD students and interested scientists. The objective of the course was to provide a working knowledge of three current topics in extratropical atmospheric dynamics and the consisted of 4 separate lectures:

  1. Review of the key dynamical concepts necessary for interpreting the current literature.
  2. Review of observations of large scale patterns of atmospheric variability and discussion of the leading theories for the existence of such patterns.
  3. Our current understanding of extratropical stratosphere/troposphere coupling.
  4. The response of the atmospheric circulation to anthro-pogenic forcing, including the predicted responses to both increased carbon dioxide and the depletion of stratospheric ozone.

All lectures covered both observational and theoretical aspects of the selected topics.

The aim of the course was to give the students a broad understanding of both observational and theoretical aspects of large-scale tropospheric variability; stratosphere/troposphere coupling; and the atmospheric circulation response to anthropogenic forcing.

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