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PhD-course: FSK-8004 Entrepreneurship and commercialization

FSK-8004 Entrepreneurship and commercialization
- preparing PhD students for an entrepreneurial career - 5stp


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Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics


Type of course




Target-group/admission requirements


PhD students at different faculties, also open to external students.


Maximum 20 participants


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Admission PhD Courses

Completed application form has to be sent by email or mail to:

University of Tromsø, BFE-FAC

V/ Ingjerd Nilsen

9037 Tromsø


Time duration


One week. Scheduled for week 10, March 2013.


Course content


The learning journey of a PhD student can often be a lonely one, with students required to work towards intensive individually researched and sole authored academic projects of scholarly importance. As a consequence, entrepreneurship, team working and networking - elements that are becoming increasing important to the wider world of work - are often neglected. Indeed, many PhD students have ideas that can potentially be commercialized; they also have talent and skills that can be used outside academia. The term used to describe the start-up of a firm based on a research-based idea is calledacademic entrepreneurship, and this has become vital in helping universities fulfill their third mission: to contribute to regional innovation. As the success of university-based spin-offs is dependent on talented PhD students, this course provides the necessary tools for learning about entrepreneurship and commercialization.


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