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Funding possibilities

Since the start of ResClim in 2009, more than 600 000 NOK has been allocated to ResClim member projects, and each year up to 250 000 NOK is available for applications from the ResClim members. This money supports projects in two categories; shorter research stays or support for field- or lab work.

There are two deadlines each year, 1 February and 1 September. Well in advance, the call for applications are announced on the ResClim website and through emails. ResClim has allocated an annual sum of 150 000 NOK to support shorter research stays (up to 1 month) or participation at international conferences and workshops. For longer reasearch stays, Resclim can provide funding for up to one month if you have additional funding sources which will cover the rest of the stay. An additional annual sum of 100 000 NOK is allocated for field work, laboratory work or related activities.

Outcome of earlier applications can be found here (need to be logged in)


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