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ResClim would like to congratulate Mari Skuggedal Myksvoll with her PhD disputas on the 19th of April.  It was said from the committee that Mari had written a very good thesis, and that her English was magnificent.  Both the committee and the audience were impressed with her presentation.

The subject of Mari’s thesis was “Connectivity among subpopulations of Norwegian Coastal cod- Impacts of physical-biological factors during egg stages “.

For more information (in Norwegian) regarding her thesis visit this page:

The opponents were:

Professor Eileen E. Hofmann, Center for Coastal & Physical Oceanography, USA

Førsteamanuensis Ingrid H. Ellingsen, SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk AS, Trondheim

Other member of the committee was:

Professor Corinna Schrum, Geofysisk institutt, UiB

Leader of the disputus:  Joachim Reuder, UiB


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