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ACDC Summer School 2016

ResClim student Nadine Steigner has summarized this years ACDC Summer School.

This year's ACDC Summer School look place at the Bonny Bay Marine Station in Norris Point, Newfoundland from August 8th - 19th. 26 PhD candidates and early career scientists from institutes in Canada, USA and Europe were brought together to learn about the role of climate variability in high latitudes on centennial to millennial time scales in an efficient and fun way.

ACDC Summer School 2016 - gruppefoto Group photo by Ryan Love

The participants had different backgrounds distributed across geology, glaciology, paleoclimate, as well as atmosphere, ocean and ice sheet dynamics, so that everybody could learn from each other. During the lectures, various methods and theories were presented that are used to explain natural variabilities such as H- and DO-events, using proxy data and numerical models.

ACDC Summer School 2016 - blend 1Field trip to a small pond nearby Bonne Bay Big pond. A total of four sediment cores were collected, in addition to bathymetry. One of the cores was split and tested. Photo: Ragna Breines and Kerim Nisancioglu.

The time schedule also included student projects, fieldwork at a nearby lake and a two-day hike on the Tablelands for more interactive and practical experiences. Intense discussions, a public lecture, an interview in the local radio and ideas for collaborations accompanied the summer school.

ACDC Summer School 2016 - blend 2Students and lecturers participated in a two-day field trip to Tablelands. Photo: Photo: Ragna Breines and Kerim Nisancioglu.

ACDC Summer School 2016 - blend 3 Our eminent chef Kristian Tinnen prepared most of our meals. We also arranged pizza night and international supper, where all brought a speciality from their home country. Photo: Ragna Breines, Anne Jennings and Kerim Nisancioglu.


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