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Time-Series Analysis in Environmental Sciences and Applications to CLimate Change

21.11.2016 - 11.11.2016

The second conference for "Time series analysis" will be held in Tromsø, Norway, on 8-11 November 2016.

While the first conference held in Brest (2012) dealt with marine science and applications for industry (More info HERE), this present conference will be focusing on the implication of climate change on the environment, including land, sea and atmosphere.

The purpose of this event is to gather scientists from a large range of disciplines in Earth Sciences based on regular and constant in-situ measurements, and provide a discussion forum in the field of time series analysis and forecasting.

The presentations will show how observations can help detecting climate change and its impacts focusing on both the mathematical modelling, statistics, signal processing (non-stationarity, gaps in series, extremes, etc.), and the environmental scientific results. This conference is part of a series of conferences gathering a wide community to be integrated in the ESONET-Vi (-the vision) consortium that builds upon ESONET, EuroSITES, EMSO, FixO3 and ENVRIPLUS partners, extending worldwide.

Targeted audience: Based on in-situ and remote data analysis and modelling, this conference will gather senior and young researchers (post-doctoral, doctoral and master students) to share their experience in time series interpretation across several scientific fields. Starting by a 2-day training session and followed by a conference part during the two following days, this event will promote the transfer of knowledge to younger or less experienced scientists and between researchers from several research fields. Both training courses and scientific talks will be mainly based on application examples and case studies.

Conference themes
- Marine environment and connections with land and atmosphere (sea ice, atmospheric measurement, foraminifera, biogeochemistry)
- Sea level
- Methane measurements and analysis
- Ocean carbon cycle
- Mathematical tools to understand climate change

Program, application and website
The program will be periodically updated on the website. Here you will also find registration forms.

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