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ACDC2011 Dynamics of past warm climates

30.08.2011 - 11.09.2011

ACDC2011:  Dynamics of past warm climates

Friday Harbour laboratories, University of Washington, near Seattle, 30 August -11 September 2011

This years summer school has three objectives:

1) to provide students working with proxy records with an adequate background in dynamics and modeling so they understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses in theory and models;

2) to provide students working with dynamics and climate models with an adequate background on the strengths and weaknesses in proxy records;

3) to bring all students up to speed on the dynamics of past warm climates, and on the strength and weaknesses of the hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the observed high latitude warmth.

The main focus of this year's course will be on the dynamics of past warm climates
based on theory, models, and proxy data.

Gilles Ramstein (LSCE, Paris), John Marshall (MIT), Christina Ravelo (UC Santa Cruz), David Battisti (U. Washington), Eric Steig (U. Washington),
Kerim Nisancioglu (Bjerknes Centre), Jake Gebbie (WHOI), James Zachos (UC Santa Cruz)

Advanced graduate students and post docs

Application deadline
15th of May

Kerim Nisancioglu (BCCR), Tore Furevik (BCCR/U. Bergen), David Battisti (U. Washington), Patrick Heimbach (MIT),Jake Gebbie (WHOI)

Advanced graduate students and post docs.

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