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Writing successful project proposals

18.11.2015 - 20.11.2015

From idea to project: preparing a draft proposal


You will learn how to prepare a draft proposal which forms the basis for a successful project proposal. You will learn

- the different components (chapters) of a project proposal

- how to plan a proposal (where to start, how to structure)

- how to draft a project budget

- how your proposal draft becomes a full proposal

- where you can apply for funding

During the workshop, participants will develop their own project ideas into a ready-to-use draft proposal. Detailed program will be sent to participants after registration.


Time: 18. - 20.11.2015

Lecturer: Friederike Hoffmann, Research Advisor, UiB

Place: Geophysical Institute, Bergen. Wed-Thu: Store m√łterom, Fri: HellandHansen

Target group: Early career scientists with little or no experience in proposal writing

Number of participants: Max 12

Registration within: 12. 11.2015

ResClim members and participants who bring their own project idea will have priority.

 Participant list

  1. Fabian Bonitz - ResClim member 
  2. Tamara Trofimova - ResClim member
  3. Thomas Leutert - ResClim member
  4. Inge Althuizen - ResCLim member - I
  5. Kristin Myhra - ResClim member - I
  6. Paul Bachem - ResCLim member - I
  7. Willem van der Bilt - ResClim member - I
  8. Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi - I
  9. Mao-Lin Shen - I
  10. Svetlana Sorokina

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