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Solar effects on natural climate variability in the North Atlantic and Arctic

13.03.2017 - 17.03.2017

When: 13 -17 March, 2017


Registration deadline: 24 February 2017. Participants not from Bergen can apply for travel and accommodation. Registration form is found at the bottom of this page.

Target group: Master and PhD students within meteorology, atmosphere dynamics, and space physics. Our aim is that both students and researchers can educate themselves. Researcher not aiming to get the student credits can choose to only attend the lectures.

Estimated student credits:2 ECTS (attendance) / 5 ECTS (approved assignment)

Although solar forcing cannot account for the observed recent global warming many uncertainties remain regarding its contribution to present and past natural climate variability. In particular, recent studies suggest that the winter circulation patterns, such as the North Atlantic Oscillation, over the Atlantic-European region could be strongly modulated by solar variability. The mechanisms proposed to explain the climate response to variations in solar activity generally fall into two categories: Solar irradiance (total bolometric solar irradiance (TSI) or spectrally resolved solar irradiance (SSI and Energetic Particle Precipitation (EPP) from the Sun or the earth's magnetosphere.

The course aims to give the participants an interdisciplinary background necessary to understand the variability of sources, their impact, and the potential atmospheric feedback.

Detailed program will come later.

Participant list:

  1. Felix Matt, UiO
  2. Erkka Heino, UNIS
  3. Astrid Haderlein, UiB
  4. Joakin Kuven Osland, UiB
  5. Annet Eva Zawedde, UIB


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