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Scientific communication - Finse September 2013

16.09.2013 - 20.09.2013

Course in scientific communication

-      Finse Alpine Research Station 16-20th of September, 2013


ResClim invites to a course on scientific communication. The course will be held at the Finse Alpine Research Station. This is a 5-day course with focus on scientific communication to laymen, but also to high school pupils studying geosciences. Teachers of didactics as well as scientists in the earth sciences from UiB and the Centre for Science Education will take part as lecturers and mentors during the course. The workload of the course is one full week, which normally corresponds to 2 ECTS.

 The course is also open for PhD students not members of ResClim, as well as Master Students and

Course description

The course will include lectures, field excursions as well as independent work in focus groups based on the participants interests. During the course the participants will gain in-depth knowledge in geoscience didactics and pedagogy as well as practical training in different types of scientific communication. The examples we will use will be within the fields of geology, meteorology and climate related to the area in the vicinity of the Finse Alpine Research Station. Towards the end of the week the students will be given the chance to present there work to each other as well as to high school pupils who will be visiting the research station.




Learning outcomes:


Focus groups:


-       preparation of  text to 5 posts in close proximity to Finsehytta. These text will be uploaded to the website and made available for hikers and schools. In the end of the week, the posts will be used for teaching school pupils studying geoscience. We collaborate with the blog and some of the texts will be posted here.



-       presentation of a 45 min popular science lecture which will be held at Forskningsdagene UNG. Slides and notes will be available for schools in after the course.


Popular science article:

-       compose and write an article for the newspaper "Innsikt" in Aftenposten/BT.


09.00 - 12.00

12.00 - 15.00

15.00 - 18.00


Arrival and lunch:

Welcome and introduction

- Kerim Nisancioglu

Field trip:

Introduction to local climate and geology.

- Øyvind Paasche/ Kristian Vasskog


From science to learning. Didactic exercises.

- Frede Thorsheim



Introduction to the Norwegian school system and curriculum in the geosciences.

-  Åse Midthun / Kari Smith(?)

Supervised work in focus groups:

How to communicate science?"

- Frede Thorsheim/ Stein Dankert Kolstø

Focus groups:

The students work in groups on their chosen topic and method of communication.




What makes you learn? Exploratory field work.

-  Stein Dankert Kolstø


Who is the audience and what is their background? (geocience pupils vs laymen)

- Åse Midthun

Focus groups:

Time to finalize and rehears presentations/texts.



School pupils arrive Finse Train Station at 10:14.

Practical training:

Field trip with school pupils (turspor).

Finse 1222 (presentation), Finishing newspaper article with Camilla (article).

School pupils return to Bergen with train at 16:33.


Exchange of experiences from the practical training. Adjustments to text and presentations.


Venues to communicate your science.

Examples from Klimaklok, Generasjon Grønn, News media, VilVite ClimateSnack, Twitter...

- Kikki Kleiven, Matthew Reeve, Ellen Viste, Øyvind Paasche, Tore Furevik, Camilla Aadland

Summary, evaluation and departure.


The registration deadline is now closed!


The registration form and more details can be found at If you have questions to the content of the course please contact the organizers (Kerim Nisancioglu and Frede Thorsheim) by email at, or if inquiring about the practicalities please email



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