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IMPACT2C Summer School - Regional Climate Change Impacts

30.06.2014 - 04.07.2014


          I2C             Nansen-Zhu


When: June 30 - July 5, 2014. Arrival date is June 29th.

Where: Rosendal Fjordhotell, Rosendal Norway

Who: Open to Ph.D. students registered with ResClim ( and to researchers/students affiliated with IMPACT2C  ( and the NansenZhu centre (

Registratuin deadline March 31st. Registration form is found at the bottom of the page.                       

Regional climate change impactsare the complex outcomes of local physical processes interacting with the large-scale manifestations of the externally forced global climate change signal. The dynamics of these changes are determined by local weather systems that control the net transport of heat, moisture, and momentum into a region. The characteristics of the human and natural systems, which experience regional climate change, serve to add to the complexity. Socio-political instability, governance structure, level of industrial/agricultural development, eco-system robustness all contribute to the complex dynamics of regional climate change impacts and complicate the search for adaptation solutions. 

Please join us in keeping with IMPACT2C's aim to inform discussions around climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation with the best available scientce. The school aims to bring together a truly interdisciplinary group of young researchers with background and/or interest in climate dynamics, climate impacts research and socio-political dimensions of climate change. Through hands-on activities, participants will explore global climate change in a regional context, its impacts on vital sectors and resources, and the emerging societal implications of climate change and adaptation.

Preliminary program

Monday - The complex dynamics of regional climate change impacts
Tuesday - Global and regional climate dynamics
Wednesday - Regional climate change and regional perspective
Thursday - Regional climate change impacts on human systems (health, food security, agriculture, water...)
Friday - Social dimensions: Implications climate change impacts from a societal perspective (governance and adaptation)

The pedagogical approach will be based on Open-ended instruction and Discovery-based learning.  Lectures and discussion will be scheduled for the morning sessions while afternoon sessions will be dedicated to team-oriented investigations and problem solving.

Confirmed speekers:

Sandro Calmanti (ENEA, Italy)
Paul Watkiss (PWA, UK)
Scott Bremer (SVT, Bergen)
Vigdis Vandvik (UiB, Bergen)
Gudrun Sylte (BCCR, Bergen)
Tore Furevik (BCCR, Bergen)
Stefan Sobolowski (Uni, Bergen)
Jianqi Sun (Nansen, China)
Ke Fan (Nansen, China)


For more information contact: (IMPACT2C), (NansenZhu), (ResClim)

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