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Course in Communication and Media 2012

01.10.2012 - 05.10.2012

For the first time ResClim will offer a 5-day course in communication and media. This course will consist of both theory and practical training where you will learn more about how to deal with the press to communicate your science and also create some awareness about communication in general.


Course description

Course lecturers will be Kathrine Adair from Medialøven and Caroline Trautwein from the University of Hamburg who will be responsible for the two modules of the course.

The course will be organized over 5 days, where the first two days will focus on interaction with the media and the last three days will focus on communication in general, see description of the two modules below.

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The course will be held in one of the meeting rooms in Kalfaret Brygghus in Bergen. In addition we plan one session at the Geophysical Institute.

ResClim will cover travel and stay for students outside Bergen.

The two first days of the course will be similar, with half of the participants doing the training on Monday and the other half on Tuesday.



Registration deadline is 12 Sep 2012. Register using the "Register for event" link below (you have to be logged in).

There is only place for 16 participants in this course. We will get back to you shortly after the registration deadline to inform you if you can participate or not. For the participants we will also send out a more thorough registration form where you need to provide some background for the training.


"Meet the press" - Kathrine Adair, Medialøven

Anyone can attract the attention of decision makers through the media. People who learn about you and your profession through media will assess your value and your success based on how well or how poorly you perform.

During this media training workshop you will learn how to prepare for an interview, how to get your message across during a TV-interview and how you can create media interest for your story. Practical interview training, within in a safe learning environment, with realistic and specific cases, will allow you to experience the encounter with a journalist and how you can improve your communication skills for the public audience.

During this media training workshop you will receive expert advice from a professional workshop manager who will give you tools, techniques and methods of communication with the news media.

Katrine Adair is your experienced media trainer who tailors the program to your needs. After an eleven-year career with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), she establishedMedialøvenmore than 15 years ago. Thousands of people, including researchers from UiB, UiO, NHH, UiT, UNI and NIVA have benefitted from her media training workshops. Her unique media experience comes from her eight years as a TV-news producer in "Dagsreveyen", the flag ship of all news rooms in Norway. She will take you into the mind of a journalist allowing you to be better prepared and to become a preferred media source.

During her times as a journalist and a media trainer, Katrine has frequently witnessed how the microphone and TV camera can disconcert and intimidate even professional experts. Her program is now available in Bergen to help you improve your ability to communicate more effectively with the media.


"Communication" - Caroline Trautwein, University of Hamburg

"It is not enough to give a talk on the subject, you have to talk to people" (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

The image of the solitary scientist hidden away is outdated. Today communication is considered the most important factor contributing to a successful scientific career[1].

This course focuses on participants' daily communication and interaction. Participants will reflect on their personal communication style and critical incidents of communication. To guide reflection different models will be used. The Communication Square focuses on how we send and receive messages and helps to understand misunderstandings. The Inner Team leads into self-reflection and supports decision-making. With the help of the situation model important features of a situation can be identified and considered in action. The Riemann-Thomann-Model explains why human beings sometimes act so distinctively.

As there are no "one-fits-all" communication strategies, there will be a lot of room for working on participants' individual cases and topics. Participants will be encouraged to find a way of communication that fits both - their personality and the situational demands.

The participants will gain understanding of human communication and interaction. They will understand their personal communication and interaction style better. Participants will acquire reflective strategies to deal with difficult situations. Furthermore they will enlarge their repertoire of communication strategies.

The course will last for three days and can be characterized as hands-on workshop. Input, exercises and work on own cases in private and peer-groups will alternate.



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