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Course in Advanced Statistics 2015

11.08.2015 - 14.08.2015

Our annual course in Advanced statistics will be held August 11-14 and is given by David Stephenson and Theo Economou from University of Exeter. The course will be held at Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen.

Course description

This is a 4-day intensive course on statistical modelling concepts for climate scientists. Since it is impossible in such a short course to go into any great depth, this course aims instead to convey the fundamental modelling concepts in statistics and an understanding and ability of how to use them correctly to interpret climate data. The course will consist of nine 1-hour lectures and 8 hours of hands-on computer sessions.

Learning outcomes:


Tuesday 11. Aug:      10:00-11:00    1. Exploratory Data Analysis
                             13:15-14:15    2. Probability                  
Wednesday 12. Aug:  10:00-11:00    3. Statistical Modelling     
                             13:15-14:15    4. Statistical Inference     
Thursday 13. Aug:     10:00-11:00    5. Multivariate Statistics  
                             13.15-14:15    6. Spatial Statistics          
Friday 14. Aug:          10:00-11:00    7. Time series modelling 
                             13:15-14:15    8. Extreme value modelling

All practical sessions will be at the G-lab Tuesday - Friday 11:15 - 12:15 and 14:15 - 15:30.

Useful references:

Participant list:

  1. Sunil Kumar Pariyar, UiB
  2. Lander R. Crespo, UiB
  3. Ingrid H. Onarheim, UiB
  4. Gaute Hope, UiB
  5. Astrid Fremme, UiB
  6. Paul Bachem, UiB
  7. Linn-Kristine Glesnes Ødegaard, UiB
  8. Hilde Nesse Tyssøy, UiB
  9. Annet Eva Zawedde, UiB
  10. Tim Dunker, UiT
  11. Mohamed Ezat, UiT
  12. Francesca Jaroszynska, UiB
  13. Désirée Treichler, UiO
  14. Marit Irene Sandanger, UiB
  15. Grandhi Kishore Kumar, UiB
  16. Raymond Sellevold, UiB
  17. Lisbet Haavik, UiB
  18. Mary Nsabagwa, UiB
  19. Isaac Mugume, UiB
  20. Abhishek Shah, UiB
  21.  Fumiaki Ogawa, UiB
  22. Triphonia Jacob Ngalio, UiB
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