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Here you find information for students and supervisors on how to become a member of ResClim.

PhD students:                                                                                                                As a PhD student, you can become a member of ResClim. We organizes a range of activities and offers good opportunities for you as a student. To become a member, it requires that:

  • you must be accepted as a PhD student at one of the partner institutions
  • you must have a relevant PhD project
  • you need a recommandation letter from your supervisor

Supervisors:                                                                                                          Supervisors who currently have active students in ResClim or want to contribute to courses, recruit new students etc., can also registrer as members.

As a ResClim member you will take active part in the network of students and supervisors within climate dynamics and you can benefit from the ResClim activities.

In addition, ResClim can:

  • Provide support for travel and stay for participation in courses at partner institutions
  • Support shorter research stays at one of our international partner institutions
  • Support participation and presentation at international conferences and symposia
  • Support and improve research facilities for students, e.g. acquisition of smaller laboratory equipment, costs of lab analyses and field trips


   Application form for PhD students is found here

    Application form for supervisors is found here








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